Red Wine Selection Hamper


£95.00 inc. GST

A perfect selection of red wines, whatever the weather.  We have selected some of our most favourite reds, that are presented in our versatile wicker hamper basket.  The perfect gift for someone that loves great quality red wines, and enjoy's trying something a little different.


Inside this red wine hamper you will find:


False Bay Bush Vine, Pinotage 2017 13.5% abv

Made from 100% Pinotage grape variety produced in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Only wild yeast is used duringbthe fermentation process, and the wine is then aged for 10months in oak vats.  This gives a slight spice and vanilla note to the red fruit backbone.  Easily enjoyed by itself or with simple meat dishes.



Fleurie Clos de Deduits, Manoir du Carra 13% abv

Manoir de Carra are fantastic producers from Beaujolais, in Southern Burgundy, France.  This wine has a beautiful red tone, with subtle floral aromas, voilets and a small hint of cinnamon spice.  Perfect to accompany white meats, roast chicken or turkey dishes.



Cairanne, Brunel de la Gardine 2015 14.5% abv

A marvellous rich and velvety wine with intense raspberry nose.  Cairanne is produced from the Grenache and Syrah grapes grown in the Rhone Valley, France.  This outstanding wine can be compaired to Chateauneuf-du-pape with a deep and full bodied flavour.  A true gem from the Rhone Valley.



Barolo Araldica Flori 2015 14% abv

Made from the noble grape Nebbiolo, and grown in Piemonte, this wine has 3 years aging in large oak casks.  The outcome is a rich, full bodied wine with sweet tannins.  A beautiful and bold wine that complements mature cheeses, and gamey meats.  A real gem from Italy!



Pomerol, La Cle des Princes 13% abv

A classic wine from the region of Pomerol in Bordeaux, France.  Merlot dominates this blend, and flavours of soft red fruits, and red berries come through, although you can still feel hints from the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes as well.  A robust wine that deserves a meaty dish or warming roast dinners.


£95.00 inc. GST