White Wine Selection Hamper


£95.00 inc. GST

These white wines have been thoughtfully selected.  We have put together this white wine hamper, that should tick all the boxes if you love those white wines.  It is presented in our high quality wicker baskets, and makes a marvellous gift for loved ones or friends that love drinking great white wines.


Inside this white wine hamper you will find:


False Bay Slow Fermented Chenin Blanc 13% abv

Produced from 100% Chenin Blanc grapes in Stellanbosch, South Africa, False Bay is fermented slowly in stainless steel tanks  using only wild yeasts, it is then left on the lees for at least 10 months before bottling. This results in a creamy, buttery, round and complex wine which pairs well with a wide range of foods including fish, shellfish, white meats, spicy food and cheeses such as Cheddar and Gruyere.



Macon Villages, Manoir de Carra

Comes from Maconaise in Southern Burgundy, France a great wine to be enjoyed with friends.  It shows real finesse, that is crisp and smooth.  Flavours of citrus fruit, pear aromas and a great minerality make this a well rounded wine.  Just delicious on its own, or married with seafood, chicken and light dishes.



Sancerre Cote des Embouffants Roger Neveu 13% abv

A truely outstanding Sauvignon Blanc produced in the village of Sancerre, in the Loire Valley, France.  It is best paired with meaty oily fish, and white meats.  During the production, stainless steel tanks are used, that gives a clean and fresh finish, as no other flavours influence the final taste of the wine.  You can find herbaceous flavours, that have a citrus fruit background.



Chablis Premier Cru, Domaine Seguinot-Bordet 13% abv

A typical Chablis Premier Cru, that is 100% Chardonnay.  Made in stainless steel tanks, that gives a clean and refreshing flavour of minerals and steel.  Premier Cru wines are made from the best parts of the vineyards, and really shows in this wine.  Wonderfully paired with chicken, turkey, or starters of shellfish, particularly crab dishes.



Sauternes R de Romer du Hayot 13% abv

A lucious sweet dessert wine, that has a honeyed, vanilla flavour with caramalised raisins in the mouth.  A perfect choice of wine for all those delights and naughty treats at the end of a hearty meal.  Works really well with chocolate cake.


£95.00 inc. GST